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We are closed for the summer! However, the fall festival begins in October!

Welcome to Fisher's Orchard! We grow the greatest peaches on the planet! Stop by one of our three historic locations; Fisher's at the old Taylor's Peach Shed, Fisher's at Dillard's, or Fisher's Pick-Your-Own. We are the leader in the fresh produce business for Greer, South Carolina! We are open 8-7 7 days a week! Check out the other pages to the left for information on where each location is and also how to contact each one.
We are now selling our peaches across the country! If you are interested click on the Online Peach Shop link. Our Fall Festival starts in October, click on the Fall Festival to link to receive all the necessary information.
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Here is a basic list of what we have to offer:

Almost all the produce is local
PEACHES (Home Grown)
Nectarines (Home Grown)
Plums (Home Grown)
Watermelon (Home Grown)
Tomatoes (Green and Roma also)
Squash (Home Grown)
Zucchini (Home Grown)
Bell Peppers
Blue Lake Beans (Home Grown)
Sweet Potatoes
Baking Potatoes
Red and White Potatoes
Vidalia and Purple Onions
Marietta Spring Onions
Jalepeno Peppers
Various Breads
Various Jams and Jellies
Various Ciders
Fried and Roasted Peanuts
Apple and Peach Fritters and Pies 
Winter Squash
Local Honey
Fresh Local Eggs
Vanilla Flavoring
Suber's Mill Corn Meal
Flowers in the Spring


Click here for the peach variety list:
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Thanks for viewing our website! Have a Peachy Day!