At Fishers Orchard Pick-Your-Own Farm in Greer, you can pick your own peaches, in season, at our farm. Or, visit one of our retail locations — Fishers Orchard at Dillard on South Buncombe Road and Fishers Historical Taylors Shed on Locust Hill Road and choose from our already-picked peaches. 


Check our Facebook page or call 864-895-4115 to verify availability.

Our Pick-Your-Own Farm is now closed form the 2019 season.

Before you visit our farm

When you visit Fishers Orchard Pick-Your-Own Farm to pick your own peaches, please remember this is a working farm. You’ll want to make sure your family is prepared for the visit. Please wear proper shoes and clothing for picking peaches. Your safety and comfort is important to us. Closed-toed shoes with socks are a must when you visit our farm.

We recommend you bring the following items with you when visiting our farm, especially if you are bringing young children:

  • Sunscreen

  • Bottled water

  • Hats

  • Hand wipes

  • Comfortable, close-toed shoes

You might also consider bringing a cooler and some ice to keep any items you purchase cool on the way home. And, think about what you’ll be doing with the peaches you purchase — baking or snacking? That will help you choose the best peaches for your needs.

If you visit our farm to pick peaches, we want to ensure you pick the sweetest, most flavorful ones. Picking peaches is a fun, family activity. Children especially love to help pick peaches. Pick peaches directly from our trees. Look for peaches with little or no bruising, and select peaches with a firm texture. 

If you ever have any questions, just ask one of our friendly staff members. We are happy to help guide you to the best peaches you and your family have ever tasted!

Picking schedule

This chart highlights just some of the peaches grown and sold by Fishers Orchard. If you are seeking up-to-the-minute information, it is best to call us at 864-895-4115. You can also “Like” our Facebook page, where we post regular updates on the growing status of our peaches.

SunbriteA small- to medium-sized yellow-fleshed, clingstone peach. The flesh is firm with fair to good flavor.June
June GoldA large freestone peach with beautiful, red-blushed skin and golden-yellow flesh. Great for canning.June
Ruby PrinceA medium-large attractive clingstone peach with much of the skin having a scarlet red-over-yellow color. The flesh is very firm with good flavor.June
NecatarinesSlightly smaller and sweeter than peaches, with smooth skin. Semi-freestone. Tastee Nectarines are available at the end of August, in our stores only.June, July
SentinelLarge, semi-freestone fruits of excellent quality.June
GalaAttractive and flavorful. The semi-freestone fruit’s firm texture and minimal fuzz make it perfect for fresh eating and canning.June
Red HavenRed Haven has a wonderful red color over a yellow background. The flesh is yellow with a little red near the pit. It is juicy, sweet and very tasty, just right for fresh eating, canning or freezingJune
CarokingCaroking was developed at Clemson University and released in 2005. It has a uniform, round shape and an excellent red blush and yellow flesh. This freestone peach has a “melting” flesh type.July
SouthlandFreestone peach with yellow-orange skin that is red covered three quarters of the surface. Yellow flesh with strong infiltration of red near the stone; juicy, sweet flavor.July
Nectar WhiteOne of the finest white peaches. Medium to large, white-fleshed freestone fruit is firm, sweet and juicy with distinctive aroma. Red over creamy yellow skin.July
Red GlobeA beautiful, large freestone peach that is firm and wonderfully sweet. It is great for fresh eating, canning and making ice cream and pies.July
ContenderLarge, creamy-white flavorful freestone fruit with pink cheeks.July
BountyLarge, firm, yellow-fleshed freestone fruits.July
BlakeA large freestone peach. The peach is well known commercially and is firm with good flavor.July, Aug
Georgia BelleA celebrated white freestone peach with white interior pulp. Exceptionally sweet and delicious, making them a favorite for snacking.July, Aug
Jersey QueenA very large freestone fruit with good firmness and color.July, Aug
Summer LadySummer Lady, another freestone peach, was released in 1987 out of California. It is known for a great flavor and small to medium size.Aug
MonroeThis freestone fruit is of large size, with yellow flesh. Some say it’s the best-tasting peach of all.Aug
O’HenryA brightly colored, large freestone peach with only minimal fuzz. The flesh is yellow, sweet and juicy with a little red streaking. The fruit is large, bright red and very firm. This peach keeps well.July
FlameprinceA very attractive peach with a mostly red over bright yellow skin color. The fruit is freestone, with a rich peach flavorAug
Big RedA freestone, with “melting” flesh and an acidic tang that many people look for for in a Southern peach. It has a yellow background and red overcolor that gives it a very attractive appearanceAug, Sep